The Trifecta of Esports Expertise

Assisting both public and private entities, our professionals provide venue developers, destination marketing organizations, sports commissions, facility managers, educational institutions, investors and sports/ entertainment stakeholders critical information for the esports business planning process.

We build road maps to navigate the complexities of the esports ecosystem, and maximize our clients return on esports investment.

Over many years of leading the esports industry emergence, CSL , A-Game Esports, and Simply New united to create the Esports Entry Advisory.

Our trifecta partnership delivers a unique approach to esports business strategies by leveraging our expertise in market analyses, technology, sales, marketing, financial modeling and project planning, operating to shape and influence the competitive video game industry.


Technology Arena Feasibility Study


Repurposing of Boardwalk Hall

atlantic city, new jersey

Capital One Hall Esports Market Study


Microsoft Mixer Studio

new york, new york

Digital Entertainment Venue Planning Assistance


Bendix Esports Arena Strategic Plan


our methodolgy

Define the Demand

In any fast-growing and changing sector, it is critical to define the realistic demand for a particular market or business. EEA provides clients with a defined assessment of esports events, visitation, and other market share data. 

Through regional market analyses, industry trends, comparable and competitive benchmarking, and outreach to esports event organizers, EEA estimates potential event types and attendance, hotel room night levels and effect on local economy unique to each market.

Measure the Impact

In addition to local, regional, and national gaming communities and fans, esports is increasingly drawing non-local visitors to destinations across the world. In considering an investment in an esports venue or business, quantifying the economic and financial impact is critical.

EEA provides clients comprehensive commercial business modeling to measure the potential ROI of esports investments.

Conceptualize and Design

As a rapidly evolving event market segment, esports facility design is both open and imaginative while also having specific needs in programming spaces (permanent or temporary) for hosting tournament play, social gaming, and exciting attendee experiences.

EEA provides technology requirements, venue program options, visualizations, and cost estimates critical for the project’s decision-making process.

Implement and Sustain

Long-term success in the booming and dynamic esports industry will require fostering close professional relationships with key event planners, publishers, team ownership, and other stakeholders.

EEA will provide you with a road map for next-stage business and project planning, long term technology solutions, along with sales and marketing efforts needed to achieve market and financial goals within the esports sector.

our team

Tyler Othen


Mr. Othen has served as a Project Manager for over 100 convention and visitor industry assessments spanning a wide range of market sizes across the country. Today, he leads CSL’s esports practice, preparing in-depth and critical analysis for investment in esports venues and the overall destination assets that can significantly impact the ability to attract events. Mr. Othen has spoken at numerous travel industry summits regarding the future of live esports events and facilities, and has participated in panel discussions at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles focusing on the potential for P3-developed esports venues.

Marc Scarpa


Since founding Simply New in 2000, Marc has been a pioneer of live participatory events, studios and experience development. Marc has led production, broadcasting and streaming services at a number of venues and events around the world, most notably including Esports Stadium Arlington, League of Legends World Championships, Six Major Raleigh, March for Science, Microsoft Mixer Studios, Global Citizen Earth Day, X Factor, Zappos Studios, Grammy Live, WoodStock ‘99, Town hall with President Clinton, City Hall Blue Room under Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Tibetan Freedom Festival.

Angela Bernhard Thomas


Ms. Bernhard Thomas is an award-winning Executive Producer with 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. As Managing Partner, she pioneered The Gamer Agency, the first agency of it’s kind fully dedicated to esports. Before the agency’s acquisition by Bruin Sports Group, Angela developed and managed executive operations for the Microsoft Mixer Esports and Gaming Studio in Manhattan and led the creative direction for more than thirty original gaming shows. In 2016 she co-founded the Esports Leadership Salon in NYC, a private network of C-suite executives in the video game industry representing companies such as Pepsi, Turner, ESL, Xbox, Twitch, and Activision Blizzard. Recently she led the development of the esports program for the City of Atlantic City, a P3 with the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, managing esports event curation, marketing, production, and allocation of public incentive funds.

John Kaatz


Mr. Kaatz’s experience includes more than 30 years of in-depth analyses for hundreds of public assembly, sports, entertainment, , performing arts and other event venues. The results of these studies have been used to assist public and private sector entities in determining market and financial feasibility,  supportable building program levels, financial operations, economic impacts, site location, appropriate marketing focus and management structure, and in pursuing and securing project financing. Prior to joining CSL, John was the Director of Coopers and Lybrand’s Sports, Entertainment and Leisure Consulting Group. John has been asked to speak at numerous industry forums and seminars related to the market analysis and the fiscal and economic impacts associated ith the event venue sector.

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